appraisal fees and required revisits?

last month

We are in the process of purchasing our first home. I'm a little confused about the appraisal fees we are being charged.

Initially, we paid $600 upfront, we were told it would be $500-$600.

Her first visit went well, The report came with a $500 appraisal fee as well as everything else, Sweet, we saved $100.


The bank required the appraiser to go back out to verify a mobile home on the land as personal property, AKA not on a permanent foundation, which was obvious the first time.

The Bank then required the appraiser to go back out and inspect that a cracked double pane window was repaired, which could have easily been "doubled up" and done on the 2nd visit to avoid the third.

Of course, then the completion report.

The appraiser wants $500 per visit, plus $150 for the complete report( at least I assume, each report says a $500 fee with a new date on it). All in all that is $1650 for the 3 visits plus completion report, At least that is what the reports individually say that the appraiser gave the bank. The bank has put down that we need to pay $600 for the appraisal( The same price as the deposit), and $150 for the completion report.

We were never told about additional costs over the initial appraisal or about an additional cost for a completion report. that is $250 over the cost of the initial report that we received a copy of. Who is responsible for all these " revisits". As well I thought the completion report would be a part of the $500 fee, Considering if she didn't need to revisit the place 3 times. Seems like it would then say $650 instead of $500 on the original appraiser report if the completion report wasn't included, but is obviously required.

My SO doesn't want to ask the bank, In fear that they may require us to pay the full $1650 ( if each report was indeed $500 as indicated on each report).

Of course, it's a ton of wasted money and time to just walk away, But in under any circumstances, I find it hard to swallow an "unknown" cost without the whole process feeling like a giant scam, with other "random" charges to come.

We work hard for our money, and I personally do not understand why we would be required to pay for the bank's requirements beyond the initial appraisal, in which the main purpose is to verify condition and value. At the very least, they could have saved $500 just by waiting two days and doing two things at once to prevent a 3rd visit by the appraiser. It just seems stupid to put that on me since that was an illogical decision and a waste of money.

If for some reason, The appraiser only charged $500 for the three visits, then $150 completion report, we are being overcharged by $100 by the bank ( they want $750).

Its a 1400 Sq ft ranch in Ohio.

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