Container soil soggy? + Some sprouts...lid off?

17 days ago

This is my first year winter sowing. I saved 30 one-pound plastic spinach containers and used a 1/4" drill bit to drill holes (probably 8 each) on the top and bottom of containers. I used a peat moss/perlite/soil mix. I damped the soil (wet enough to clump together but not soggy) and planted a ton of seeds. Checking it today, I noticed that 4 - 5 of the containers have germination...but I also saw that the soil is absolutely drenched and soggy now. We've had a lot of rain, I guess, and more coming next week. Is it likely that the other seeds will germinate, even with the wet soil? If this is a problem...should I leave the lids off on a dry day to let the soil dry out? Is it too late?!?

With the containers that have germination, the seedlings are no more than 1/4" high. It's not very warm yet, so I was planning on leaving the lids on until they get at least 1/2" tall, and then leave the lid off during warm days...on at night...until nights are sufficiently warm (at least 60 degrees). Is that correct? Thanks for the help!

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