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4 days ago

Don't believe the hype that Joanns is putting out about how instrumental they are in trying to provide materials to make face masks. It is largely, largely misleading and untrue.

There is no organized effort and there are no supplies being handed out and none to buy on any large scale.

There may be at the handful of locations that they have turned into what they are calling Creator Studio. That is less than a dozen locations in the whole country as of latest info.

The masks that they are claiming to be providing for are not really even the kind that the medical professional needs. These are fat quarters and elastic. That is fine for your own that you will be taking care of on a personal basis, but it is of relatively little value to any real medical setting because they don't have any way to handle such a thing made with calico and elastic.

It can't be sanitized as it needs to be and the fit can't be adjusted very well. And, if they are sent in by all manner of people from all manner of places, they need to be processed before using. That is not possible on any appreciable scale in this dire time. That would be like blankets with the smallpox or typhoid on them. Medical facilities can't do that. That would cause more potential harm than good. This idea of sewing them for a medical facility to use is pure nonsense.

It would have to be in a controlled environment under control and supervision and with suitable materials and standards.

Hospitals don't have the facilities to process this kind of thing!

Get real!!!

Go ahead and make them for you or for your daughter, mother, son, father, friend who is working medical and you are giving personal care and cleaning of them. But, to supply any institution with them in any meaningful manner is purely delusional.

Does anyone have any experience with this effort that Joanns is touting? My own experience in the store was that they had absolutely nothing to offer and I do think that the local one by me is closed now. It was a disaster in good times and growing more and more useless all the time, for anything.

Don't believe what they are trying to promote online.

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