Tomato flowers wrinkly/dying off?

9 months ago

Hey guys and girls. This is my first post here. I have a tomato plant which was doing great until today when I noticed that the one fully opened flower is wrinkly. I fed bloom nutes for the first time yesterday. Im using liquid nutrients. I have been feeding near equal % of N-P with higher K percentage for stronger plants.

  • humidity- 35% (during day) and 30% (at night)
  • temp- 71.6F(during day) and 68F (at night)

As you can see the left side of the flower seems like it’s wrinkly or dying.

I am growing indoors so I do have full control over climate.

They are cherry tomatoes if that is any help

My guess is that maybe the climate is too dry for them? Not sure tho, and any help is appreciated.


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