Curb Appeal Ideas

Andrea Carpenter
5 months ago

Hi there...Need some help sprucing up the outside of my Nana’s 1950’s house before it gets put on the market in a few months. I’m trying to find a way to stay here permanently, but I don’t have the money to buy it myself. I’d still like it to look nice to increase the value a bit. My mom wants to sell “as is” just to be done with it, but I’m trying to surprise her by making a few improvements. I need to keep the porch the red clay color it is (refreshed of course) but the dead bushes need to go and it needs some kind of landscaping that will fill in a bit of that distance between the ground and the picture window. I feel the house needs dimension, so because I can’t put in a bay window the only other thing I can think of is a window box. I’ve tried lighter colored wreaths on the door, but they don’t stand out. I had a dark green pine wreath at Christmas and that didn’t look right either. Dark purple and lavender seem to be okay, as do dark warm bright colors. Any ideas?

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