Show Your Stripes

Matthew Gandin
12 days ago

Among my roses, I only have a few with stripes. I normally don’t buy roses at the big box stores, but a few months ago I was at the local Home Depot and spotted this rose among the more mundane Mister Lincoln’s and Chrysler Imperials. This is my fist bloom on Harry Wheatcroft (aka Caribia). Apparently, the breeder and namesake of this rose was just as eccentric and flamboyant. A communist, imprisoned during World War One for refusing his draft orders as a pacifist, this legendary British rose gardener and breeder was just as well known for his odd wardrobe, extramarital dalliances, and bizarre facial hair, think modern day Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead crossed with Martin Van Buren. Definitely worth a Wikipedia search. Anyway, here are pictures old my first bloom, and other striped roses this spring. I’d love to see yours too.

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