Shirt pattern drafting

8 days ago

I thought it would be interesting to share photos of patterns that we have drafted for clothes. I've photographed patterns I've made for furniture, but this is the first time I've photographed a clothing pattern. I have way more clothing patterns in storage than I realized because I haven't gone through them until last month, but I do plan to do some more sewing projects in the near future.

I had originally planned to use the black and white fabric in this photo for the shirt, but I found some gray and black striped fabric that is softer, and so my brother likes that better. I've made several shirts for him in the past, using linen, silk broadcloth, and custom painted cotton. I've also made a three piece fully lined raw silk suit, linen slacks with matching vest, and a wedding dress for his ex-wife.

Do you have any photographs of patterns that you have drafted? I thought they might be inspiring, if you would be willing to share.

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