Zygopetalum Identification

last month

Hello All,

I have the orchid in this picture. It is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I had a bad issue with my greenhouse and the plant was severely damaged. I would like to replace it but I don't know which hybrid it was. I know that this is a tall order as many of these Zygo hybrids look extremely similar and a NOID is always a NOID but I thought it was worth a shot. Additionally, this particular one has some distinctive features.

The tag said B.G. White x Aganisia cyanea but I do not see how that is possible as I do not see any evidence in the flowers that this is a Zygonisia. Some clues to what it could be are that the lip is an intermediate mostly solid purple, the pattern contains inkblot looking spots with significant green spacing ( especially around the edges), and the petals and sepals are quite rounded at the edges.

If anyone could help me I.D. this I would be very thankful.

Comments (3)

  • arthurm2015
    last month

    Gorgeous orchid! Great shape and colour. The registered name of the crossing of the two parents mentioned in your post is Zygonisia Skywalker.

    If the tag is incorrect there is no way you are going to find the name unless you have a widely distributed mericlone and can find an exact match of the flower on the net.

  • Charlotte Anne Studio
    last month

    Looks like Zygopetalum 'Trozy Blue' to me. (because it looks from your photo like the lip is a bluer tone than most other zygos am I right?) And that's why you might be struggling to get hold of another one - they're from the Netherlands so only available sometimes. :-) If you are unable to get that particular one then Millennium Magic is very similar in appearance - the lip is slightly pinker and the upper petals have more of a point but still very beautiful.

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