Two perennials to give a bee keeper?

rouge21_gw (CDN Z6a)
7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

I have a former work colleague that does "bee keeping" as a hobby. For the past 5 years he is so generous in gifting me jars of honey throughout the year always insisting that he does not want any monies in return. For awhile I would "repay" him with gift cards and the like i.e. no actual money. But even so he doesn't want even that. But after his most recent drop off on the front porch I thought that a gift of a couple of bee magnet perennials might be willingly accepted by Bill.

I know there are lots of threads about perennials that are good for pollinators but maybe some current input from my GW perennials forum friends would be ok?

I am envisioning these gifted plants will be planted near the hives which he may visit only these plants cannot be any "shrinking violets" i.e. they must be hardy (say zone 5) and I am thinking more on the taller side as the area around the hives is a bit 'untamed'.

I already am pretty sure of one of the perennials I will give him. Our garden has many varieties of perennials but nothing comes close to CULVER'S ROOT for attracting bees.

And so I need one more.

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