Landscaping Ideas???

5 months ago

I am having a hard time getting local landscaping help.....first it was because of Covid (people were holding back) and now because the season is started, people are too busy. I see the plants in the nurseries now and I want to get on with my project. I live Downeast Maine. The front of my house faces south and gets mostly sun, although the sun gets dappled in the afternoon about 2 pm. I have bought 6 Bloomstruck Hydrangeas and 1 blue spruce low growing nest shaped shrub (which I am not sure I should keep). My original thought was to put a Japanese Maple to the right of the entry (as you are looking at the house with the blue spruce nest on the opposite side, hydrangeas along both sides of the house, with Cinnamon Ferns directly against the foundation of the house (because in winter we have a lot of heavy snow fall off of the roof --- I worry that shrubs under there would not be able to take the snow fall load of what comes off the roof). However, I returned the Japanese Maple because I do not want a big shade tree right there ( I love the way they look when they are young, though). This is the only sunny-ish spot I have and I'd like to keep as much sun as I can. Wondering about a dwarf cutleaf variety but some of those end up looking like "blobs." Any creative ideas?

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