How to improve curb appeal? Clay Roof?

13 days ago

We will need a new roof soon and I’m wondering if we should consider a clay roof to enhance the Spanish style. I think our home is spanish style because we have arched doorways though out, a barrel ceiling, and a spanish style fireplace but I don’t think the outside looks very spanish in style.

I know the clay roof will be a lot more expensive, and I know we will need to see if the current structure will even support the weight. I do wonder if there may have been a clay roof on it at some point (it was built in 1927) and if it was perhaps switched to shingles due to cost, because I have seen that happen to a few other homes in the neighborhood.

I’m terrible at visualizing things so I guess my question is, do you think the spanish style clay roof would enhance curb appeal?

Any other suggestions to make it look better? We are also considering painting it a cream or white color with possibly a green or blue tone trim. Obviously, the landscaping needs a lot of help too :)

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