Garlic Harvest 2020

RedSun (Zone 6, NJ)
5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

I just dug my last batch of garlic. Some elephant garlic and my mixed hardneck varieties, mainly German Red.

I had 3 batches. One was in the old garlic beds and they did rather poorly. This batch is the new bed and it did really well. So bed rotation is really important. The 3rd bed is mainly to grow rounds from the tiny garlic from last year.

I had like 10 varieties mixed together. Now I only see the German Red. The porcelain Music and German White did not do well. The other varieties either did not do well, or got mixed together. I do not really care the mixture.

Soil will continue to be my focus next year. I just do not know if there is anything I can treat the cloves prior to planting. Over the long winter, some of the weak plants did not do well and experience some kind of common rot. More with the large porcelain garlic.

The elephant garlic only grew huge rounds, not even one single regular bulb. I do not know why. I did get some bulbs last year.

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