Please help with Gardenias

Ran Schaffy
12 days ago
last modified: 12 days ago

So, let me start by saying, I admit that I’m an idiot. Now that that is out there and we all know, here is what I did.

i bought several plants and seeds and was trying my best to get them all to grow. I bought two gardenia trees (potted) that were perfect when I first got them but they began to yellow so I googled what I could do. I gave them more drainage holes but that didn’t seem to help, so I read that they like acidic soil and to add nitrogen to the soil. They completely died within a week. I cut off all of the dead leaves and flowers, but it did not help. So I cut all of the branches back until I found where they were alive and went to my local Home Depot for help. The person helping me must not have understood my question and I did not know enough to know that he was wrong, so he told me to add lime to the soil. I bought lime, I went home, I mixed it into ALL of my plants that are supposed to have acidic soil (gardenias, lillies, california poppies, nasturtium, Hollyhock, peppermint, rosemary, parsley, gardenia, mandevilla - all potted plants) THEN I notice on the bag it says it neutralizes acidic soil, so I google and find that’s exactly what it does, now all my plants are going to die!!! What do I do? unpot all of them again and buy new soil? Something I can add to them to completely reverse what I did? PLEASE HELP!!!!

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