Would you be irritated

3 months ago

at a guest squashing bugs in your garden? I had a visitor a few days ago who was doing this -- she would see a caterpillar or beetle, point it out, and even squashed at least one. "That looks like something you should kill" was said at least once -- but she had no idea what the big fuzzy caterpillar was (and neither did I).

I wish I weren't always so reactive in the moment -- instead of calmly telling her I grow a lot of natives for the purpose of attracting pollinators and wildlife and indiscriminately killing things without knowing what they are kind of (well, does...) defeat the purpose all I managed was a b*tchy "don't do that!!"

Would you have been irritated by someone doing this in your garden? I guess it's something to laugh about, but I just would never dream of walking through someone else's garden and doing that.

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