Washingtonia robusta not growing properly

Justin Thomas
4 months ago

Hello, my washingtonia robusta has been acting weird ever since planted. I am new to growing palms and I noticed that inside the crown of the palm the frond is opening up without coming out. None of the Fronds are growing out further and seem like they are stuck in place Or glued together. They are also browning and yellowing.

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  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5
    4 months ago

    acting weird ever since planted

    ==>> where are you.... big city name..

    how did you plant it.. in what.. how have you cared for it since ...


  • Justin Thomas
    Original Author
    4 months ago

    suburbs of Atlanta, planted in beginning of summer, potting soil with a little mix of the natural soil, bone meal, watered once a day for the first week and reduced the water after that. its Been 80-100 degrees everyday since planted and I’m planning to use Christmas lights to warm it during the winter