A Few Blooms for August

last modified: yesterday

There are a few daylilies still blooming in the August garden.

Last Chance for Romance is a bit splotchy after the rain and has a few bug bites. This one really shines in the month of August, and is usually the latest of my lates.

All of My Love to You with its last bloom - I can't believe it bloomed for so long this season. It's had a very good year.

Smug and August Fire

Final Touch is blooming on very short scapes this time, an it's surrounded by grass. It was far too hot an humid to mow this past week, and now it's raining, still muggy, and the grass is too wet mow until tomorrow.

Zuzu's Treasure has one rebloom scape going.

Dearest Valentine is still reblooming.

Last bloom on Mystic Maize

Dancing Flamingo x Dearest Valentine has started another rebloom scape.

August Frost x Winter's Angel is continuing to bud build. It has 46 buds now!

Rouen Cathedral still has a few buds to go.


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