vegetable garden is coming on gangbusters

2 months ago

Finally the first slicing tomatoes, Delicious and Pink Brandywine! Lots of sweet banana and hot peppers and Japanese eggplant. The later took the early heat wave in stride while the tomatoes lost almost all their early bloom, which is why the tomatoes are so late. This year I planted my sweet potatoes around the bases of my pepper plants and they seem to like each other real well. Real heavy sweet potato vines this year and lots of pepper set right along with that. Sprouting broccoli is still doing very well; Burgundy, Artwork and Purple Peacock are huge. Chard is doing ok still and the baby cabbages, Katarina, are still holding heads and are very tasty perfect for single or two person servings with no left overs, and very early as well as holding like forever. Garlic came out earlier and was not so good this year, the bulbs were small. Onions were passable, but nothing to brag about. New bed for garlics and multiplier onions will be set up, tilled and fertilized this week and planted about the end of the month. Basil in the big planters did very well and continues to branch after every sprig that gets taken.

Anybody else getting a decent harvest?

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