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4 months ago
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I am really hoping someone out there can help me with a plan for a small kitchen. I have been looking at this for days and just keep thinking something is off, but I don't know what! The kitchen is L shaped and there is 144" of space for counters along one wall and 93" on the other. There are 2 windows on the 93" side and I would like to leave 24-30 inches from the window to the wall cabinet to let light in. The cabinets will be 40" high. The 3 double wall cabinets are 24" wide - will the doors look too long and skinny since each door will be 12"x 40"??

PS - You can't see it in this view, but there is a dishwasher to the right of the sink. I am thinking of leaving the wall about the dishwasher empty and putting up floating shelves or wine bottle/glass shelves like these:

PPS - The refrigerator will be on the wall opposite the range.

Thank you for your help!

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