Speed Oven questions

Hi. Thanks in advance for the responses

We are doing a kitchen reno and will have Thermador range 48 pro with convection oven and steam.

We are also thinking about putting in a speed oven under the island counter because it would be a quick oven plus a microwave. We have enough space for a 24 inch install so we have narrowed it down to Miele or Bosch. We could also put just a microwave drawer by thermador but the speed oven is definitely more versatile.

Our questions are

  1. is a speed oven overkill with what we already have? Because we will have the little steam oven on the range, having speed oven might be too much? Will we be missing out by just installing a MW drawer?

  2. if you were to do a speed oven, which one would you go for. Miele and Bosch seems like good choices but I would love to hear from those who have used a speed oven day in day out

  3. also is under counter a good place for a speed oven/MW drawer?

Thank you!

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