Bluestar vs Thermador

I’m trying to finalize my appliance package and have been comparing Bluestar and Thermador. I like the simplicity of doing mostly all one brand. and I can say I’m not really interested in WiFi or overly digital/complicated features.

The BlueStar package would include 36in rnb range, 36” built in fridge, electric single wall oven and a 800 series bosch dischwasher.

Thermador would include 36” pro harmony range, 36 fridge/freezer, electric pro wall oven, emerald dishwasher.

I have had a bluestar range in the past and really liked it. And my last kitchen was basically the same Thermador package as above. I was happy enough with Thermador although they had to replace the microwave twice and the fridge requires two repairs. I think if the Bluestar was the same price I would not be posting here as I would have already pulled the trigger. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the extra money.