Ficus pumila - summer drought tolerance in PNW?

I want to try this in a hot, dry but semi-shaded spot. Along the western walls of my house. For reference a Parthenocissus henryi did fine in this area, and was in fact, way too vigorous. But this is a dryish spot because of a wide roof overhang of a 1 story house. Looking for a vine, other than dwarf ivies, that grows slowly and densely.

I have seen it looking great in Williamsburg, VA, but that is the warmer end of "Chesapeake Bay zone 7" and I am at the cooler end. I'm willing to take the risk. It's a sheltered spot.

So, setting hardiness aside, I wonder if it will be able to take care of itself after I am no longer willing to water it the first year or two. It seems like maybe, it's overall not as vigorous as Parthenocissus henryi, and therefore, especially with the borderline hardiness, might not build out enough mass in its first year.

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