New grass not as dark green

z t
2 months ago

Hello everyone. So I've been slowly redoing my yard by killing the old grass and planting new grass. Jonathan Green black beauty ultra. It's been successful so far minus dealing with some triv that keeps showing up. The process I've been doing has been killing about 1200 sq ft so I can focus just on that. By redoing that size of lawn it takes time to completely finish the yard.

Anyway my last spot I did was in the summer. I know it's the worst time to do it but in order for me to do as much in a year, I have to do it. I watered the heck out of it and everything came up great, minus a few spots I reseeded.

So after about 2 months the grass is growing great and it's lush. However it's not as dark as the rest of my yard. Mind you it's the same grass. It's been fertilized and taken care of just like the rest of the lawn. There's a clear line where the new grass and my existing grass is. I don't know what is wrong. It's all fescue too. I've picked the lighter green grass and it's fescue for sure, which is what black beauty is primarily made of.

What could the issue be? Do I need to fertilize more? Did it get messed up from the heat by growing in such a hard time? Like I said this project was done in the summer in a spot where the yard gets a lot of sun.

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