Question about undermount sink installation

Sonia B
13 days ago

Hello, everyone. I am totally new here, so please bear with me.

Quick question. My kitchen will have a 24" frameless Ikea sink base cabinet. The cabinet has two rails, one in the back and one in the front that, the way they are installed, create a "thin space" along the top of the cabinet side where a stainless steel undermount sink's rim could rest for support, just below the stone countertop (see picture of the front rail; you see how that little piece of metal between the cabinet top and the countertop creates the space behind it that I am talking about).

I'd like to get a sink with as large a bowl as the cabinet will take (in this case, about 22"), so my question is:

1) Can the rim/flange of said sink bowl rest on the tops of the cabinet's sides, between the front and the back rails? (This would support its sides. The front and back would have to be either strapped in, I imagine, or attached with clips).


2) Do I HAVE to get a sink with a footprint that completely fits inside the cabinet's inside space (22.5"), thus reducing the possible dimensions of the actual bowl considerably?

Any info is greatly appreciated, because I don't seem to be able to come up with much info on this!


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