Help with picking a rug style

Stacey Schneider
last month
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We recently moved and are working on the office space. Ideally, I'm thinking of painting the walls all SW Pewter Green. I'll leave the chair rail in place but paint the entire wall green (maybe put a coat of SW PG Satin on just the rail). The undersized chair in the corner has to stay in the office, so my dilemma is finding a rug that works.

I could go with just a natural jute or woven one, but I've seen pics of multiple patterns working together and that's what I'd really love to see. The office is right to the left of the front entry, so low traffic but high visibly and I'd like to try to make it a little more fun/interesting than a plain rug. Any ideas?

(I put a 4x6 rug pad there just to get an idea of what a rug might look like.)



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