Living Room Help

5 days ago

Hi! I am trying to figure out the best layout for furniture and need color suggestions on a fresh coat of paint for the walls.

Furniture - I am all for working with what I have, but originally wanted to updated with a sectional with a double chaise for family cuddling, but DH prefers power recliners. Went to the furniture store and got overwhelmed with options..... We have 2 (spill prone) toddlers and two old dogs, so need something easy to clean. Should I just add a rug and tv table??

Paint - I want to stick with a neutral of some sort, but not sure how to pick since they are high walls and needs to tie into the loft colors. Does that look strange if the upstairs hall doesn't change?

I want it to feel cozy in here and all of the choices are stressing me out!

Thank you in advance! (Please disregard the mess :) )

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