Cabinet Pull Sizes... help

3 days ago
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So, I’ve read several blogs about choosing handle pull sizes and I am still confused. Some say the size of your cabinet determines the size of your pull, others say you do the same pull everywhere in a kitchen. Problem is, my main kitchen has a wide range of sizes.

My home is mid-century modern, but our renovations are leaning modern, so I went with a simple streamlined pull from Top Knob. now I just need to determine the sizes.

what I know is that I plan to go with 5 1/2” pills.in my bathrooms and a small wet bar downstairs, as they are made up of mostly smaller cabinets.

Here is a 3D rendering of my main kitchen from my kitchen designer (he is not willing to help with this decision):

Option 1:

12“ pulls on the 36” base cabinet drawers flanking the range and the tall pantries flanking the refrigerator

7 3/16” pulls for everything else in the kitchen, with the smallest cabinet being a 15” garbage pull

Option 2:

8 5/16 pulls for everything. This will be a little small for the big drawers and a little big for the small drawers, but everything will be the same.

If you have any hard opinions about this decision, please share them.

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