Cabinet Box Materials

Jennifer Smith
last month


New to Houzz but undergoing a kitchen reno right now and have a question regarding the construction of cabinet boxes. We are getting custom cabinets and the base cabinets were just installed yesterday. They look nice but my husband and I are questioning the quality as the box is primarily made of particle board. Some of the back of the box is plywood and the drawers are hard wood, along with the doors but the rest is partical boards - sides, top, toe kick. We brought this up to our contractor stating that we thought the majority of the cabinet box would be plywood and our contractor stated that what we have is industry standard and cabinet boxes have not been built like that for the past 30 years. We spoke to multiple family members who recently got some cabinets and they stated that they made sure their boxes were primarily made of plywood. We are concerned now about the quality and the durability of our cabinets being installed. I feel like we are paying a pretty dollar. Is this really industry standard and will cabinet boxes made of particle board withstand the test of time?

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