Office Design Help

3 months ago

I had recently been working to furnish and decorate my office. However, due to a change at work, I need to rework my ideas. I need a bigger desk and likely one without a hutch so I can better accommodate my equipment.

The console and rug will stay as I love them both. The printer stand I would like to stay, but it’s not an absolute must. I do still need to have some storage either on the desk or on shelving above it. I’m open to all ideas and rearranging.

As far as a desk, do I keep with the contrasting dark wood or go with a walnut to match better with the console? I plan for a small reading book at the other end of the office.

Also to keep in mind, I do a lot of public speaking and presents currently virtually so my window plays a factor with lighting. I use a ring light and the window is usually to my left which works well.

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