Spring Fever...must shop for hostas!

Hello! We have frost in the forecast later this week, but spring is undeniably here. Thus far this year, I had only bought 1 hosta....but I was attacked by spring fever today. Long story short: I just ordered 5 more hostas.

My spring orders are:

1. Sugar Cookie--y'all know how I love Sugar Plum. Sugar Cookie has it all: purple petioles, tall vase-shapes, subtle undulation to leaves, and creamy yellow margins. I have been eyeing this one for awhile. Buying from New Hampshire Hostas.

These next 5 are from Hostas-store. I put them in the cart and took them out many times. I really debated over these, and decided it was time to try them.

2. Soul Shine--This is my biggest risk this year. There is really only one picture of this plant, and it was first tissue cultured around 8/2018. Still, the vase-shaped, chartreuse to yellow-gold leaves, cascading form, corrugated texture. I think this will be quite photogenic!

3. Leapin' Lizard--I like the bumpy, pointy leaves. I think it will look good with my other plants, while being remarkable on its own. I have heard that the flower display is great, too.

4. Blue Moon--Since I first got the hosta bug, I have wanted this plant. I have talked myself out of it many times as "just another little blue." It is time to verify my assumptions. I will let you know. ;)

5. Frisian Waving Steel--Is it worth it, or just another blue that quickly turns green in my hot garden? Let's see. The leaf form is quite pleasing, unusually beautiful.

6. Summer Serenade--I have waffled on this hosta for over 1 year. It has continued to tempt me. I have its sport, Roy Klehm, and a related plant, Sentimental Journey. SJ stayed up until late fall and is breaking dormancy now. I do like a long growing season, so I finally bought it.

I have officially run out of space in my garden, but I feel better.

What is on your spring hosta order? If you are bored, feel free to elaborate why you selected these plants.

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