Trellis/Pergola off gutter?

6 days ago

I have a rose bed that the roses love but the climbing rose (New Dawn) is going crazy and I need to find somewhere for it to go.

I’d like to remove the obelisk, put a small trellis along the white part between the windows and then do a trellis/ very small pergola type structure at the top. So the roses would go up and then some would go to the left and some would go to the right all along that low roofline.

There is a gutter there (obviously) and I was wondering if anyone had ideas or if there is a product that already exists that I could attach to my gutters to hold the horizontal pergola piece. Although this rose will surely get heavy and attaching it to gutter may not be a great idea.

Basically I know what I want but need some help figuring out how to make it happen. The top part of those windows is all aluminum so no good place to attach anything of any weight.

The red lines in the drawing show where the vertical trellis would be and how I’d like to train the roses.

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