kitchen island design

Johanna Mcbride
10 days ago

I’m looking for a little feedback on our kitchen island in our new custom home. Our floor plan and CAD design shows a 8’x3’3” island. We never really anticipated though quit of the island because it lined up with the walls of the kitchen. I think I was under the assumption that it was 4 feet. We are using IKEA base cabinets for the island and they are 24 inches deep. With the 3’3” island, I think we can get by without having a second set of cabinets to support the quartz countertop. If we extend the island to 4 feet, we will have to get either a pony wall to support the extended countertop or 15” deep IKEA cabinets facing the living room under the overhang of the countertop. In the attached picture, the white lines on the island show 3‘3“. The green lines show the extended for foot. What would you do?!

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