Upgrades for Kitchen?

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Hello everyone!I have already signed house contract for a new build a few months ago. Now that theyre drawing the plans for my kitchen, we realized how expensive it is to make cabinets into drawers (2 big ones width of 38" and 2 smaller ones at 24''.. height is standard..? I cant tell from the drawings. I think between 31"- 42" in height.. sorry!). The builder came back with a price of $1380 before gst (I live in Alberta, Canada). As well, we wanted glass cabinets for 2 of the cabinets and priced at $700 before gst. Garbage pull out for $450 before gst. Lastly our island can have 3 cabinets added on the other side which is $2000.00 before gst. My island is 7x5 ft.Are these prices reasonable? There must be markup on all of these. I would like to negotiate but dont know what amount is good. And I know we might not be able to since we already signed months ago. Feeling quite frustrated but wish I knew in hindsight that I wanted these.. I learnt from YouTube and research that drawers are better options..Thank you!

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