Kitchen Cabinet Color

7 days ago

Hello! I am new to Houzz and would love some help. My husband and I have initiated a project for a new kitchen in our 1920s traditional home. Everything is ready to go, but ordering our cabinetry and getting the project off the ground has come to a halt because I cannot decide on the finish/color for the cabinets.

Our home has very warm elements. All of the trim is painted in SW Dover White satin throughout the entire home. The walls in the foyer, dining room, hallway up the staircase are painted in Dover as well, but matte. We refinished the floors and staircase in the entire house. Floors are quarter sawn white oak stained Golden Oak, so it’s very traditional and warm.

To try to cut the chase, for the kitchen project, I selected a quartzite that is very white with a warm, taupe grey and some dabbles of cream. My backsplash will be a dolomite marble. In this case I need a cabinet that is bright white, but I just can’t determine what it should be. I’ve been swimming in a sea of whites and exhausted myself with research. I am very apprehensive as I think a bright white may not be cohesive with the rest of the home. Maybe that doesn’t matter?

Any advice would be welcomed! Thank you so much! Here are some pictures.

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