Kitchen Layout Help!

last month

Hi all - am hoping to get some much needed help so I can finalize a kitchen design and move forward! We would like to do a mid-century modern kitchen (to match the rest of the house). Overall kitchen size is ~ 13'6" x 11'10" and I feel like the overall layout works (long pantry wall with fridge and range on the shorter wall, sink under the window) but am open to suggestions if there is a better layout!

I am struggling with what to do on the overall sink wall with uppers vs. open shelving. We're not a huge open shelving family (too much stuff and not great at always staging it) but I am worried about the range wall, corner and the fact that the peninsula end is open to the family room. I have used the online tool Floorplanner.com to get me here (layout, 3-D renderings & current kitchen attached). I would do slab doors (even though shaker is shown - limited images on the free software!). White laminate & walnut finish.

Again - any and all suggestions are appreciated - I have truly reached "analysis paralysis" !!!

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