Thoughts on tile in shower?

3 months ago

Trying to get some input. I bought what, after showing the showroom manager the look I was going for - a cohesive cobble stone look for my shower floor but the installer installed it looking like this.

When I asked the installer he said that was just how the tile was and I should have gotten a “jigsaw” tile. (It actually looks like to me the laid it with spacers between the tiles. )Tile store said it wasn’t installed properly when I called them to tell them to let them know they had not sold me the product they represented selling. after the tile center spoke with our contractor and tile installer the tile center came back and said the installer did nothing wrong and asked if I would let hem grout a portion to see if the seam would “blend”.

Well it doesn’t look any better and I am sick about it. Tile center is now saying they will replace the material but not pay for the labor but that it could be fixed by either removing and reinstalling or taking pieces around the borders and basically jigsawing them (which is what they originally said the installer should have done with this tile.) The tile center also went on to say the installer should have discussed with me before installing how I wanted it to look (a complete 180 now that I am saying they should reimburse labor as well as material if they sold me the wrong product) All of this to ask - thoughts on whether the product was misrepresented or installed incorrectly?

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