Kitchen Trends 1) diff island base color & 2) brass v. stainless pulls

last month

I am redoing my kitchen due to a burst pipe (back in Feb-ugh) and have purchased a gorgeous neutral quartzite, pictured below, and want to create a neutral kitchen that doesn't scream white and grey. This stone has a creamy background and a vein of brown running through it (which is a nice connection to other colors in my house and near the kitchen).


1) Island base color: I've had a brown granite counter with an island topped with walnut butcher block for the last 11 years. I'm thinking of painting the base of the new island a navy blue and keeping this stone on top. I think butcher block is too dark. Is the trend of navy/blue painted islands on the way out?

2) Brass vs. stainless pulls/cabinet hardware: In my current kitchen, I went with stainless plain pulls and knobs. I have a traditional nickel faucet from Rohl (I think it's this one: that I want to update. Do you mix metals in the kitchen, i.e. perhaps nickel or stainless faucet and brass cabinet hardware? My style is transitional on the traditional side.

THANKS for your input, design world of pros and amateurs like me who want to make good, timeless choices.

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