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Some blooms from late in the day

Today is my daughters birthday, spent most of the day with her. Just got outside to see if anything bloomed today.

A few things that are different or worrisome to me. I have some daylily foliage yellowing already…..I never see that at this time of the year. A large percentage of my daylilies have huge foliage and really tall scapes compared to past years. I‘m guessing a warm winter and wet spring are responsible??? Add to that the early start to blooming in general.

First bloom on Coyote Moon, shows some exposure spots but it has a load of buds again. It is blooming at least 3 weeks early.

Happy Happy started this week, first bloom was a bit messy. It is early and has a low bud count this season.

Eenie Weenie started this week, 3 weeks early for this one. Bud count and scape height are the same as previous seasons.

Asiatic lily bloomed today.

Butterfly weed is blooming early.


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