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Owners of Top Knobs hardware for >1 year, do they nick easily?

26 days ago

Our new kitchen has >60 cabinets, and in trying to match the specific sizes required and the color of the Delta Trinsic, my absolute favorite look and feel are the Top Knobs Riverside pulls/knobs.

My issue is that I ordered them off of Amazon, and almost every one has really slight scratches or nicks. That kills me at this price point since the cheaper Amerock bar pulls I ordered from the same place, packaged in the same way were totally fine, which makes me think this isnt a sellers issue, its a quality issue. This is a popular pull, so for those of you who have them in your kitchen, how have they held up after a year?

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  • 26 days ago
    last modified: 26 days ago

    We built in 2021. I needed to buy 211 pulls/knobs for the new house and most of them came from Top Knobs. I also got a few knobs from Rocky Mountain Hardware for my master bath and powder room, but those are real bronze and much more expensive ... and they patina, so require some work if you want to keep them shiny.

    We have been in the house for 2.5 years and no issues with any of the Top Knobs pulls/knobs. They looked perfect when delivered and look perfect now. We have them in the kitchen, laundry, mudroom, and several built-ins.

    I bought mine through a local Plumbing Showroom that has a whole room devoted to cabinet hardware displays. I prefer buying local, specially if their displays allowed me to look at and feel the different products. They would also take care of any damaged/returned product. I prefer to support local brick and mortar stores, even if it costs a bit more than online. Some will even price match online prices if you ask.

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  • 25 days ago

    Thank you so much! This is really helpful.

  • 24 days ago
    last modified: 24 days ago

    Same here. All pulls in the house (kitchen and baths) are from Top Nobs. Eight years, no issues. Purchased through the cabinet dealer.

    And, yes…you want to make sure the pulls are brass cast, not zinc alloy.

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  • 24 days ago

    I have Top Knob hardware in my kitchen and 3 bathrooms; installed a few years ago. They still look new! Great quality too!

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  • 24 days ago

    The photos are so helpful! and it looks like youve helped diagnose the issue; ours were Top Knobs but zinc alloy (the Riverside knobs). its weird, they were so heavy and zinc alloy means theyre more susceptible to damage i guess, but still, packaged loosely enough that they could knock against each other. I ended up buying brass knobs per your advice, so im hoping that helps! thank you so much for your help all