What's your favorite color?

Jeannie Nguyen
6 years ago
What color(s) do you like to decorate with?

Post your favorite colors and share your photos too!

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  • thickskin
    Anything but white. Oh! I forgot. White is not a colour.
  • Antonia John
    this room is so beautiful I just love it hoping to do something like this in my living room
  • modestgoddess z7 MD
    favorite color is turquoise and my favorite neutral is pale gray. I plan on painting my home pale turquoise and gray. My accent colors will be Kelly green, red, and coral. I plan on using Benjamin Moore Robin's nest or Lido Green and Horizon.
  • Antonia John
    I like shades of green, pink, orange, yellow and purple
  • axmc
    Greys! I love them. They are so versatile. Everything from a purpley grey in the entrance teamed with whites, to a brown/grey in the boys rooms with shiny grey and brushed chrome, to a very pale grey/white in my room with florals and gingham. It can be teamed with any colour so easily but never dictates how it should be used! For furniture I love dark wood, or the Annie Sloan colours are fantastic - duck egg is my fave!
  • Meghan Merris
    True Value stunning maiden paint. Grey with touch of purple, giving our old walls new life!
  • Ella Broekhuizen
    I love cerulean blue, orange, blond oak, with linen and paintings with touches of red, with linen curtains. YAY!
  • Linda Renzulli
    Black! Every room needs a touch of black. My family room is black and everyone says it is the coziest room they have ever been in.
  • gardenarian
    All white walls, with lots of white and cream and gold and pale blue. Dark honey gold wood floors. Brass fixtures. My house gets a lot of sun all day and a pale palette works best.
    Rule of thumb: Dark colors for dark room, light colors for bright rooms.
  • Tarayn Woodbury
    White everywhere with splashes of bold fluoro colours here and there!
    The white accents the other colours and creates such a light and airy atmosphere while fluoro colours are different and really pop out at you.
  • PRO
    Daybreak Workroom LLC
    Shades (meaning "greyed") of lavender, blue, tourquoise. I also love red, cantaloupe, and pink. I generally dislike tan, khaki, camel.
  • bluejeanroy
    Like Bluenan you can get a clue from my name. I love blues and use it in several combinations. I am attracted to other colors like pinks, soft greens and purple but blue always makes me feel safe and comfortable.
  • edithsmom
    As I have grown older (thankful for that), I have opted for color in my life...wearing purples, deep roses, deep blues and in my home with favorites of apple green and dusty teal in accents. Gearing up to paint the bedroom walls a deep greeny teal.
  • Diane Fairbanks
    When I moved to my house this spring, I repainted the whole place, but my favorite color is a new one to me, Applesauce Cake by Pittsburgh, which is a warm butterscotch pudding color, and utterly delicious! It goes so well with my navy couches and burgundy wine draperies, and makes me feel cozy even in this horribly cold weather! I do still enjoy my pastel greens and yellows for the bedrooms and bathrooms, with touches of soft blue, pink, and lavender.
  • okdokegal
    I take my swatches and a couple of paperclips and go through the paint chips. I can't tell you paint colors, but. I put the paperclip on the one I want on that strip, and no more goof-mixes.

    edithsmom; look up the Red Hat Society. I joined them at 43, 'reducated' at 50, and let my bodacious side hang out.

    I guess I'll fess up to a soft bluegreen more blue than green as my favorite color... on my walls my next treatment when I get there will be to do a faux finish with varnish and brown paper bags. If done right it looks like leather. I have a stub of an angle by my front door that I will need to do something with after I get through with the front outside wiring and the switched outlet at the bay window; and instead of putting the icky paneling back on that is going to go drywall... so. I will template that piece with cardboard so if the finish doesn't work it won't be TOO bad to redo the drywall.
  • Luv2Design
    I love chocolate brown and white. Love the crisp look from the combination. To me, it's timeless and looks can work with splashes of color such as beige, grey, red, teal, pink, even lime green. Very versatile.
  • PRO
    Studio M Interior Design
    Black and white stripes are always in season!
  • RosemaryR
    Orange and all tones of it with splashes to turquoise.
  • lepstein
    I love the yellow of BM Dance de Soleil. Also love my greyed blue in the living room. I love colour, so white, for me is an accent on the trims to set off my colours.

    I do love colour, so I have green-blue walls in my bedroom and a lovely lavender toile quilt to go with it.

    I'm really tired of the taupes, beiges and greiges, although I do have medium grey walls in one of my bathrooms to go with the old pink fixtures (burgundy wine in the other).

    Agree with okedoke that Red Hat Society groups are fun. Even hooked up with one in Maui when two of our group visited.
  • luzstellaguerrero
    me encanta el uva y el amarillo
  • armipeg
    @Diane Fairbanks I'm looking for the color you described, for my living room. I'll look it up. Thank you.
  • Diane Fairbanks
    @armipeg--I bought the Pittsburgh paint at Menard's, if that is any help! I also primed the walls with tinted primer--they tinted it free to match the Applesauce Cake color!
  • rinq
    I like most colors, but decorating with them is a whole different story!
  • syncope
    Love reds, purples, accents of green, orange, turquoise. Love to look at blues but not live with them.
  • PRO
    Mandeville Canyon Designs
    At this moment I am loving Benjamin Moore's AF 510~ Dragonfly. It is rich, earthy and grounding. I like my rooms to evoke a mood. This color is reminiscent of a forest floor.
    Also Ben Moore Caribbean Teal 2123-20. Similar in mood, but a touch more lightweight.
  • dstemple1956
    For my house, I tend towards creams and taupes (and variations on those themes) with black accents except in my bedroom where everything is creams and off whites with a touch of gold.
  • liyatt
    brown, beige, turquoise, black, white, silver, light green
  • PRO
    Mandeville Canyon Designs
    Barnhart, I love that you use theatrical analogies. I do that all the time and it really helps my clients to understand how the production must come together as a whole. Brava!
  • Rosanne
    I'm with bluenan. Blue, blue, blue. Except cobalt and bright royal.
  • Rosanne
    thickskin, I thought the same thing so looked it up. Here are several theories regarding both black and white - black is the absence of color, white is the combination of all colors from one of the answers listed here:
  • syncope
    thickskin and rosebud3 - You are actually both correct. When you are dealing with light theory, black is the absence of all colors while white is the combination of them. However, in pigments (e.g. paint colors), black is the presence of all colors while white is the absence.

    I had this debate years ago with my ex-husband who is a science-oriented man and approached the issue from the light theory point of view. I am a more creative minded person and I had always worked with pigment, so I knew how the pigments worked. Until we were able to understand that the two concepts changed with different media, it was a rather lively discussion.

    Both concepts have to be considered in interior design because the designers work to assure that both proper lighting is included as well as the actual pigmented colors. As we all know, lighting can make all the difference in the colors and ambience of the room. One of the many scientific concepts that carry over into our creative design world.
  • lepstein
    In addition, it is rare in decorating and in fashion to have absolute black and absolute white (just check out the number of samples in either category). White is not white is not white; ditto with black.
  • Danya Moriah
    This: (Keep in mind my house does not look like this, but it would be a my dream basement decor.)
  • lepstein
    elpelicano: Like all of your choices (even the bright one in the right house), except the white walls (usually not my favourite). Also do not like the light in the first picture if I am seeing correctly (feathers). We have a restaurant nearby that has decorated its lounge with ostrich heads (yes, you read that right...the whole head and neck...and, yes, they are real). It turns me right off. Besides, how to keep them properly dusted. I think my overall favourite of your choices is the blue and white (bottom left), even tho' I generally like brighter colours and I did say I don't like white walls. This, however, has the right balance and is fresh and bright.
  • PRO
    Signature Designs Kitchen & Bath
    I love Blue in interiors, it feels so tranquil and soothing especially when it is paired with a warm wood as in this Kitchen I designed for home owners who love yachting.
  • Traci Summers
    I LOVE color and tend towards red, blue, yellow, green. I like to say I decorate with a kindergartner's palette.
  • okdokegal
    As long as the colors you're working with aren't dust grey....
    "Dust is just a protective flocking." (for all of you with somewhat neglected 'furry' stuff that wasn't a month or more ago)
    "If everything is 'flocked' it will all match perfectly, because it's now all the same shade."
    (it is TACK-EE to play tic tac toe in the flocking on the coffee table) [here in the dustbowl that can be three days after a serious round with the microfiber and the pledge]
  • Debra Hopkins
    I cant make heads or tails of this comment and Im trying to be polite, what do you mean?
  • charleee
    The colors of autumn have always been my favorites.
  • Angelique Arnold
    I love Teal blues and browns, I found some colorful pillows to go along with..
  • Laura Hansen
    I painted my Kitchen/Dining Room with Asian Pear and an accent of Watercress. The foodie theme was a pure coincidence but it makes me happy just thinking about it. And I love the result.
  • okdokegal
    Debra Hopkins, it's a joke :) In fun. About how despite our best decorating efforts, things sometimes happen. I'm making a major jab at dust collections, that seem to gather all by themselves and very rapidly.

    By the way, I think your Christmas tree is just lovely.
  • Bobbi Anderson
    The natural lighting in a room can make a difference in color choice. I like to mix colors my room color in different bases to change the intensity. If given one choice I am a yellow person. I think it helps with grey days in the Pacific Northwest that we have and makes sunny days glow. That being said I have cocoa brown, pale peach, white, sage, and a few in between in my house.
  • PRO
    karen paul interiors
    Just found this several days ago. I love these colors together.
    Robert Passal Interior & Architectural Design - Interior Designer - Dering Hall · More Info
  • Lynn Babin Fontaine
    Tan , brown and blue. I like the calming and relaxing look it creates.
  • estof
    Orange and grey.
  • PRO
    Stuff Deals Does
    My two favourite colours to decorate with and wear are duck egg blue and chartreuse
  • J J
    All colors! My previous house was greens, yellows and blues. I never tired of any of it. My new house is oranges, greys and purple.
  • Chenhuan Zong
    Red and green forever !!( ^_^)/~~~

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