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Swa Neee

Great information, i'm off to create a guest account for my Wifi

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This is good advice which everyone needs to follow. 1Password is Canadian and hasn’t been hacked unlike LastPass.

If you do go down the home automation route consider if you need internet access on the device at all.

Remote controlled gates and roller doors are great conveniences already, remote control via the internet is asking for trouble, several hacks exist already for the internet controlled doors and manufacturers are recalling products as they cannot protect you and your house like a standard key.

Anything which you control by voice will have a microphone and possibly a camera as well, this means your personal life and conversations can (are) being sucked up and analysed constantly by the vendor who can then sell the information on. Not to mention have it hacked or handed over to a government department.

There is a famously hilarious South Park episode (White People Renovating Houses available on SBS) where the TV show ‘trolled’ Amazon Alexa and other voice activated devices and put notes in diaries and items on shopping lists.

Internet security is woeful and not improving; the Internet of Things (IoT) is a big buzz right now but until security improves massively it is not in my opinion worth having these objects although I can understand some people getting huge benefit from using assistive technologies like voice control.
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Version FR : Je rajouterais qu'il est toujours préférable de privilégier les technologies filaires au sans fil... Ceci est tout spécialement indiqué pour vos portes et volets.

US Version: I'll also add that it is always better to pick wired solutions as much as possible rather than going the wireless road. This is especially important, if you intend to unlock the door remotely or close the window shutters that way.

@spmm : While I do agree with your evaluation of LastPass, I prefer using Enpass for that matter...


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