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Emily Jowers
I read this article more as what will be available in the future, not what will be the norm. I can agree with a lot of what this article said at some level. I highly doubt talking countertops will be the norm in ten years, but they may be available. Home technology will certainly continue to rise in popularity. And the kids in high school now are very attached to technology, much more than people even 5 years older. These are the people this article is about, not the people on the forum who are nearing retirement. As always, there will be two general groups of people. Those who live simply with very little (including technology), perhaps living a life of nomadic adventure, and those who buy all the latest and greatest, who propel the technology age onward. And then everyone in between. Some will always prefer to retire away from the cities where things are simple and quiet, but perhaps even more will embrace city life in the future.
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Maria Broadbent
There will always be those people at both ends of the spectrum. Those who grasp with no discretion at new gadgets and concepts along side those who abhor anything new. However, most people as previous comments point out will have it imposed on or denied to them for a number of reasons.

A realistic approach would be for the Government at all levels to put together a building programme. We have a severe lack of affordable housing. Only 6% of the UK is built upon - the lack of space to build is not as challenging as certain NIMBYs would have us believe.

Modern, environmentally friendly, prefabricated buildings putting the best of the above principles into practise would make sense on many levels. Social, economic, health and environmental. The properties could be shared ownership between residents as well as the current government backed system. Let’s use brown field sites first to create a holistic approach to modern living.
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Wow, loving these examples!


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