Covers in Play
COVERS in Play designs and manufactures fixed automatic retractable enclosures, for pools, patios and outdoor spaces. The system is specifically designed to allow for year round enjoyment of the area enclosed. Our automated patented drive system, requires no pushing the enclosure open or closed.

The patio or pool enclosure can be built to attach to a building or made to be free standing, if desired. Lean to style as well. Fixed or operable. The main thing is that our enclosure system is made for the North American climate, able to withstand heavy snowloads, windloads, etc.. We supply and install all around North America and we sell from our factory direct.

Services Provided
Architectural Design, Building Design, Pool House Design & Construction, Pool Enclosures

Areas Served
Canada, USA
Location: 70 East Beaver Creek Rd., Unit 30
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3B2
Commented: Would there be a way to use this to heat a pool in AZ? If the upper portion of the Pool Enclosure is in the sun the enclosure will gain heat and depending on the amount of area that is in the sun will determine how much heat will be gained from the sun. T...
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Commented: Outdoor pool enclosure approximate cost? For more information about the cost of our Pool Enclosures please checkout our blog or contact us directly at
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Commented: Pool enclsure Just like sunrooms the enclosure can increase air temperature by 18-36°F/10-20°C when fully closed by trapping the solar energy. If you have a heated pool or spa pool, the heated water will also prov...
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Commented: Pool enclosed Yes there are products sold by companies out there, but not similar. They are designed for light snow , wind and can collapse if snow is not removed or must be taken down in high winds. Please rea...
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Commented: pool enclosure For more information about our Pool Enclosures and the cost checkout our blog or contact us directly
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Commented: hllfl You can get more info from our website and our blog or contacting us directly on your Enclosure requirements.
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