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I am an architecture and interior design photographer serving Sacramento and all of northern California and the Palm Desert areas.

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Architectural Photography, Interior Design Photography

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Commented: Hi, can you tell me about the print on the wall. I have to have this! Its not a print, it is original art. Probably be expensive to get the owner to give it up...
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Commented: Re the glass enclosure?? This kind of "Frameless" tub/shower glass is very common in houses I photograph. Just google "frameless shower door" and maybe add the city you want and you should find vendors!
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Commented: Pool and its dimensions as well as the yard The pool is about 15x40 on a 3/4 acre lot...you can probably find a pool designer who can get you what you want on any size lot. What is unique about this pool is how the landscaping was designed to ...
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Commented: Where I might find this very pretty picture? Thank you! That original art is the work of Ken Kirsch, Owner, MAK Design+Build.
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Commented: what is on the ground? It is gravel. It is purposely the pointy kind rather than round, as the designer says it stays put better.
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Commented: Window / Door Height Sorry I no longer have access to the house. They were some French brand of .window/door system with a steel frame. Probably custom sized and manufactured as well
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