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Update your bathroom in one swoop with a new shower stall or surround kit. These enclosures are installed directly into your bathroom, and make up the walls and doors of your shower or bathtub. They often come in one, two or three pieces for easy installation. You won’t have to worry about endless hours of installing shower tiles, and with very few grout lines, shower stall kits and surrounds are easy to keep clean. While you search for the perfect shower enclosure to add to your home, allow the following tips to guide you.

What is the difference between a kit and a surround?

At Houzz, we offer several different types of surrounds and kits to choose from, so you can find one that’ll match your bathroom. In general, a kit includes the shower and/or bathtub, along with the surrounding wall. A surround is simply the wall around the shower pan or tub. Still unsure what you need? Check out this breakdown of the products we offer:

  • Shower Kit: Includes a shower base and wall surround
  • Tub and Shower Kit: Includes a bathtub and wall surround
  • Shower Surround: Includes the wall panels that surround a shower
  • Tub and Shower Surround: Includes the wall panels that surround a tub and shower combo

Find Your Perfect Fit

Bathrooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can find an array of kits and surrounds to match on Houzz. Quarter-round or corner shower stalls are perfect for fitting into a small bathroom. Square stalls are a classic choice, and some of the most popular sizes are 32 x 32 inches or 36 x 36 inches. Rectangular versions offer more space and better accessibility, like those sized 36 x 48 inches or even larger.

Consider Which Features Matter to You

It’s possible to find kits and surrounds with a range of different features, so look for one that’ll match your needs and lifestyle. Shower stalls with seats are great for shaving or simply storing soaps and shampoos. For those that are elderly, handicapped or who envision aging at home, search for kits and surrounds that are ADA-compliant, complete with handle bars, benches and plenty of space to get in and out. If you’re installing a new shower, you may want to look for stalls with a door included.

Choose the Right Material

The material you choose for your kit or surround can make all the difference in style, quality and longevity. All-glass shower stalls will open up your bathroom and create a calming, clean look. They’re also easy to maintain, without any grout lines. Tub and shower surrounds are often made of fiberglass, plastic and acrylic or solid surface. These materials are durable and lightweight and can be made to look like luxurious natural stone or tile.