UltimateAir is an engineering firm & manufacturer dedicated to designing the most Energy Efficient Whole House Ventilation equipment in the world. Our company has produced Energy Recovery Ventilation for over 20 years. We take great pride in our products made carefully here in the USA. Our patented Ventilation technology offers home and business owners the best way to improve indoor air quality in any climate. Compared to an ordinary bath fan which simply exhausts air and heat, while drawing outside air and moisture in through cracks and openings, UltimateAir provides true Balanced fresh air flow. Money is saved on ventilation by recovering up to 99% of the heat energy from the polluted stale air and uses the recovered heat to warm the incoming fresh air supply. UltimateAir is engineered and built in the USA to enable the construction of tighter more efficient buildings. We hope you enjoy learning more about Energy Recovery Ventilation and the benefits of whole house ventilation.
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