31 Ideabooks by greige/Fluegge Interior Design, Inc.

Guest Picks: Making a Statement With Dramatic Art
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I love to make a dramatic statement with art in a space when I am designing. It can be any combination of pieces or a single large piece. Art can make the room! — Christina from Greige
Guest Picks: Bring in a Clear Winner With Lucite
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Lucite has had a recent comeback in transitional interiors, and I love it. I believe that a space needs something to grab your attention — something just a little bit different to make a statement — and a single Lucite accent does that beautifully....
Guest Picks: Creating Interest in the Dining Room
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There are so many ways to add interest in a dining room or kitchen nook, but one of my favorites is seating. I like to mix and match a little here and there. These pieces add color and texture, for sometimes a quirky piece is just what you need. —...
Guest Picks: Mirror, Mirror
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A mirror is a staple piece in any home or space. It reflects light to make your space feel larger and brighter. It's also an easy way to create interest with color or texture. Mirrors are fun because you can choose any size and shape, and you can lean...
Stylish Responsibility: Decorating with Eco-Friendly and Vintage Furnishings
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stylish responsibility: (adj.) of mixing old and new, taking a transitional approach to decorating where you mix eco friendly furnishings and accessories with items you love, whether they are from the flea market, estate sales, travels, antique stores...
Guest Picks: Unique Pendant Lights
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Pendant lighting is one of my favorite types of lighting. Pendants can be grouped or layered to take the place of a single chandelier. They make a statement when styles are combined and as stand-alone pieces. There are so many options these days, so...
Guest Picks: Pillows, the Perfect Accents
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I find that keeping larger pieces in neutral colors and adding in color with pillows and accessories is the easiest and usually the most cost-effective way to change up a room. Adding color and texture with pillows makes that little change that a space...
Guest Picks: Picnic Perfect
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Planning the perfect picnic can take time, but it is so much easier when you have some stylish essentials at hand. These are some of my favorites! I love the picnicking almost as much as the planning. — Christina from My...
Guest Picks: Tufting the Perfect Choice
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Tufting on furnishing has become one of the hottest trends and one of my favorites. It gives pieces a look of texture and makes each piece a classic that can move between styles. With the wide variety of pieces currently available, you can add a tufted...
Guest Picks: Twenty Stylish Table Lamps
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Lighting can make a room memorable and it can be one of the hardest decisions to make when decorating. These are some of my favorite go-to table lamps. — Christina from My Sparrow
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