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How to Get the Pendant Light Right
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Pendant fixtures have become a very popular lighting choice for a wide range of rooms. Being aware of a few basic guidelines can prove to be very helpful; not only when selecting a fixture for a specific location, but how high they should be hung. Here...
Stencils: All Grown Up and Sophisticated
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Stencil designs have recently undergone quite the makeover, and when done well a stenciled wall can even be mistaken for wallpaper. Stenciling a wall can be a great way to introduce pattern to a room, with the benefit of costing significantly less. And...
11 Area Rug Rules and How to Break Them
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I often get asked “What are the rules in selecting the size of rug to use in a room?” It can prove to be hard deciding what size rug is best for a space as there are so many “rules” and just as many opposing opinions. One popular rule...
Bedding Trends: Tailored and Tucked In
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I recently read about the demise of the duvet and overly dressed beds on the blog, Good Life Of Design. I hadn't given this topic a lot of thought before, so I turned to Houzz to get a better sense of what direction homeowners and designers are...
Painted Wood Floors
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There are instances when painting floors can be the best solution to freshen up a space and add character. It could also prove to be a hard decision to make, as flooring is one of the most expensive changes to make in a home, so painting could be a risk....
Decorating Kid's Rooms With Chalkboard Paint
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What would make a kid happier than having a wall in their room to draw on? (Without getting into trouble!) Paint an entire wall, a door, or simply hang a framed chalkboard and let the creativity begin! Here are some tips for painting with chalkboard...
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Design in America's Happiest City
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A new Gallup poll revealed that a city at the foot of the Rocky Mountains has rated tops for overall well-being among medium and small cities. Boulder's gorgeous setting, high percentage of sunny days and greenbelt of public lands most certainly has a...
10 Places To Go Bold With Pattern
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Injecting pattern into a room is a great way to add interest and express your personality. From large surfaces to smaller accessories, ranging from applications that require a serious commitment to items that allow you to simply test a new look, here...
Treat Yourself to a Bouquet of Flowers
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Placing a fresh bouquet of flowers in a room has the instant effect of making the room look more beautiful and inviting. But did you also know studies have shown fresh flowers improve how we feel in a room, increasing the sense of happiness while decreasing...
Urban Design: 5 Great City Homes
19 photos
If you are a city person at heart, isn't it a shame our home dollar often goes so much further in the suburbs? While there are many advantages of living in areas outside our major cities and in smaller towns, there remains the draw of the city. The city...
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