27 Ideabooks by Susan Serra, CKD

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Soul Provisions - A Kitchen Philosophy
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Adding "soul" to a kitchen interior is the most personal of design missions. It's personal, it's subjective, it's very definition is different for everyone. But, if nothing else, it's a good word to think about in connection with our kitchens, as this...
Refrigeration Nation - Creative Built-In Ideas!
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The built in refrigerator, although usually the largest appliance in the kitchen, offers an enormous number and variety of design interpretations within a kitchen installation. Whether hidden or exposed visually for what it is, a refrigerator, there design...
French Kitchen Style - From Paris To The Country!
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I'm feeling especially like a Francophile this month! With the Tour de France going on all month and Bastille Day in a few days, not to mention my recent visit to Paris, I'm in a really French mood. French kitchen design can be widely interpreted....
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