Koubachi revolutionizes the way objects and things in your household are communicating with you. Our mission is to identify the potential of Smart Objects and create new possibilities of use, new services, and a simpler yet more powerful user experience. In short, we want to simplify your life!

Services Provided
Koubachi gives your plant a voice!
Our smart plant care assistant apps for iPhone an Web tell you exactly when and how to take care for your plants. In addition, the award winning Wi-Fi Plant Sensor measures the vital parameters and determines the vitality of your plant. It transmits data wirelessly and in realtime. Whenever your plant needs care Koubachi sends a push notification.

Areas Served

Certifications and Awards
Winner of the red dot award 2012
Official speaker at LeWeb'12
SEF Finalist 2012
Swisscom App of the year award 2011
Contact: Philipp Bolliger
Location: Technoparkstr. 1
Zürich 8005
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