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COREtec Plus Flooring

October 25, 2014
We are building and looking for a wide rustic plank floor. I stopped into a flooring store and am most intrigued by the benefits of COREtec.
If had hardwoods before and love them. However, the ice maker in the kitchen leaked, he dishwasher leaked and over time all that leaking caused severe damage. We replaced the kitchen floor area with tile - the transition looked great. Regarding the rest of the floor, over time between the dog and sun beating in the dining room, we put up with scratches and sun damage.
So now the dilemma. COREtec is water proof and scratch resistant (and easy to replace a piece if it does get scratched). It is also vinyl. If it looks great (and I have a huge multi room area), nearly the same price as solid hardwoods (yet I will save on installation). Regarding resell, will this hurt me?
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  • Stacie Havens
    Few photos of the Olympic Pine Cortec Plus 7.
  • cbreeze

    When my floor was first installed I was checking every inch for squeaks (many spots), dents( a few) and scratches (quite a few). After a couple of months, they are still there but I am no longer obsessed with them. Shortly after the floor was installed, my radiator leaked and a 3'x4' puddle of water was sitting there for a few hours but after I wiped it up with a microfiber fiber cloth, it looks fine. I was so glad I put that in instead of engineered or laminated wood.

    Should you be cleaning the floor with vinegar? US Floors recommends a pH neutral solution.

  • Paige Kostelnik

    I have a dog and cat who occasionally pee on the floor. Sometimes it's a full day or more before I find the accident. My laminate floor now reaks of urine so the whole floor needs to be replaced. I read that this is truly waterproof. What happens when the urine seeps into the joint? Does it collect somewhere? Will I then have the the odor smell with this floor? I need help before I spend so much money. I can't afford to do it twice. Thanks so much.

  • jjaneri
    If I had a dog or cat with a urine problem, I would buy the cheapest floor possible and just replace as needed.
  • PRO

    Mannington claims Adura Max has a waterproof locking system. When I went to their plant tour last year, they had a 2' x 2' panel of Adura Max racked out with a small clear wall around it. The wall was attached to the floor with silicon sealant. (Imagine an aquarium with no bottom in it with Adura Max as the floor) They filled this with water. We were there 2 days and not a drop leaked out. The bottom was not even damp to the touch.

    I'm not sure if you could do the same with other products or not, but I saw that test with my own two eyes.

    Alan Ward

  • Chessie

    I SO wish that Adura would make a lighter gray than the Meridian Steel. I would choose that in a heartbeat.

  • PRO

    I'll be posting up photos of the new colors of the new Mannington Adura Max Apex tomorrow from Surfaces show in vegas. They have more colors in Max and Prime as well. Apex is 6' long with a painted bevel. it also is embossed in register (EIR). As with the MAX, it has their patented aluminum oxide finish. PLUS they have promised me that we can sell it online without pushback from them. I'll post the picks in the "coretec vs. Adura Max" thread.

    Alan Ward
  • kinsleyjean
    Does anyone have pictures of the Coretec HD in barnwood rustic pine and any thoughts about it.
  • aylis701

    Hi guys, I'm deciding between Mohawk SolidTech Grandwood in Silverscreen ( (large sample) and Coretec Pro Plus in Chesapeake Oak (left small sample), and Quincy Oak (right small sample). Both are waterproof which we need because my miniature pinscher tinkles randomly...and locking system issues aside, my next biggest concern is how dark or light the whole floor would look in "meh" lighting. I have a good idea of what the Mohawk would look like. However, I prefer Coretec's wider planks but am wary that the small samples aren't representative of the final look! Does anyone have either of these floors installed and could post a few pics? We have a small townhouse that doesn't get a ton of natural light. I like the variations in the Chesapeake Oak but would prefer to have a good amount of the light color peek through - that is the mystery. I also probably don't want to be blinded by Quincy Oak's lightness. :) Planning to paint the walls white. Thanks for any input!

  • karstenjc

    Does anyone have pictures of the Coretech XL in Moran Oak?

  • PRO

    aylis701 www.coretecfloors.com shows a picture of Quincy Oak installed in a room! It is a light floor, but not super light so you wouldn't be blinded.

  • PRO

    karstenjc You can also visit the COREtec website for a room scene www.coretecfloors.com

  • beverly65

    We just installed Coretec in most of our home and I love it. Two indoor, outdoor dogs that continually track in and out and is so easy to maintain. We did get the a hand scraped version and while I really like the look it does tend to scratch when you push heavy furniture across the raised grain. We are now installing furniture pads on all our furniture.

  • twogoldensandawestie
    We just remodeled our kitchen and used Coretec Klondike Oak. We have 2 dogs and it is wearing very well.
  • aylis701

    wow twogoldensandawestie that is gorgeous! looks like a staged model home. :)

  • twogoldensandawestie
    Thank you Alys701!
  • chrisntine

    USFloors or anyone else have non-stock photos of Calypso Oak or Manila Oak installed? (Sorry to cross-post but none on the mega-Coretec thread). Thanks!

  • CJ

    What's the best way to remove scuffs? I have the Gold Coast Acacia. They are not scratches, but scuffs. Thank you.

  • Vicki LaPinta

    Is there any touch up product available for this. I noticed a small crack on the edge of a board right by the beveled edge and wanted to touch it up. I have Ranier Oak

  • PRO
    Cinar Interiors, Inc.

    For those of you who have questions that are not being answered, please contact US Floors direct as they will have the best answers for you.
    Contact link below.

    US Floors

  • Mary H

    We just installed CORETec Plus HD Barnwood Rustic Pine in our entire home (with the exception of two full baths). We had it professionally installed and are beyond pleased with the results!!

  • Mary H

    I had a difficult time finding pictures of actual installations of the Barnwood Rustic Pine so I'm posting a couple more pictures for any one else out there having the same issue.

  • darla lee

    I am considering either the Enderby Oak or Canary Oak.. has anyone had either of these installed and/or pics to share? There is a lot of variation of color in the Enderby Oak so I am not sure if that is going to be something I like or not...

  • Angie Butterfield
    We're considering the Coretec HD vinyl flooring. Most of the posts are 3 yrs old. How do you all feel about the product after three years? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance!
  • Debra P

    I am considering the Barnwood Rustic pine in my downstairs. My kitchen cabinets are mandarin cherry. Does this look too dark? I am also looking at a waterproof laminate. I am so confused. We also have 2 active dogs. Sorry for he side view but this is how the floor sample looks against the cabinets

  • shannonj

    From the picture you posted I think the color of the floor is to dark and too brown for the cabinets. I would go with a lighter and warmer wood floor.

  • judymn
  • Joanna

    Can anyone share installation photos of Venado Oak XL Enhanced?

  • rachel4641

    Hey everyone, I’ve had the Gold Coast Acacia for 4 years now so I’m leaving an update. The floor is holding up pretty good, had a leaky toilet recently and it didn’t harm it. It DOES dent and will scratch. It’s definitely a matte finish so that bugs me sometimes because under certain lighting it looks dull and you can see little scratches and stuff. When we first got it installed, we got our first bad scratch and the company didn’t want to hear it. That lifetime warranty has a lot of conditions to it. All in all I think I probably paid too much for it but we will see how long it lasts . Here’s a photo of the scratch we got at the beginning in different lighting. Also it looks glossy in the pictures because I had wax put down after the scratch, you could still see it even after the wax.

  • kinsleyjean
    I have Barnwood Rustic Pine in my entire house including bathrooms and I love it. It is easy to clean and looks just like real wood. It does scratch like real wood if dragging things across it but buffs out nicely and can hardly tell the scratch is there.
  • cbreeze

    @kinsleyjean, how do you buff out the scratches?

  • ltd833
    Debra P
    Agree with Shannon J
    Would go with a lighter and warmer (more yellow toned) flooring to go with your cherry cabinets
    I have two very active (50 and 60 pound) dogs and I’ve had my Coretec floor for almost a year now. I am very happy with it, scratches are not a problem. Even when I’m outside playing ball with one of my dogs and the other is dancing around inside, so excited about the ball playing going on outside that he can’t stand it. Still I don’t have scratches. My flooring also hides the dirt when it’s dirty. Accidents wipe right up without an issue. I have Hudson Valley Oak.
    Definitely the right decision for me.
    It is beautiful too!
  • Debra P

    Thanks for your init. I am going to see how the Sherwood pine looks with the cabinets. I’ll post the picture sat for your opinion. The comments are extremely helpful.

  • Debra P

    Thanks for your init. I am going to see how the Sherwood pine looks with the cabinets. I’ll post the picture sat for your opinion. The comments are extremely helpful.

  • Debra P

    We are going with the Sherwood Pine. We are leaving the tile in the kitchen. If anyone has pictures of Sherwwod P{ine in their home I would love to see it.

  • Vicki LaPinta

    Debra P we put Sherwood Rustic Pine in our upstairs master and hallways. We have Cherry furniture in our bedroom, and before we had the floor down I was already planning on painting my furniture. After the floor was done I realized I loved the contrast with the cherry furniture. I love the SRP. It is a great neutral color. We painted a taupe color by BM called Pashmina. We are very happy with our choice of Cortec.

  • Debra P

    Sounds wonderful. I do love the floor. The picture shown on the US floors site in the grey kitchen do not do it justice. Hopefully we will get it installed within the next month or so.

  • Vicki LaPinta

    I agree, it does not look the best next to grey cabinets. It is a beautiful soft neutral brown. What I like about is it has no red in it. It has a soft grey tone in the brown. I think it will look lovely with your cabinet color!

  • chrisntine

    Debra P and Vicki LaPinta do you have pics of your Sherwood Rustic Pine installed? Thanks!

  • Vicki LaPinta

    Here you go chrisntine, hope this gives you an idea

    Sherwood Rustic Pine in

    Master bedroom next to grey shag area rug, cherry dresser and grey walls
    In upstairs hallway. The wall is not as "gold" in person

  • Debra P

    Here are som pictures from my new install. I live th Rustic pine. It is hard stock see dog hair on it. It feels great underfoot too.

    The entry hall
    family room

  • chrisntine

    Debra P and Vicki LaPinta thank you so much! Your rooms are pretty! I will try to get a sample to bring home. Thank you!

  • Heather Bender

    Hi Everyone...First off, I have learned so much just from this thread. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge. We are thinking of putting Coretec Plus XL-E in our entire first floor. Does anyone have the color Beechwood Oak long planks in their home? Would love to see a picture of a whole room. Can't find anything on the web with that color. Thanks so much!!

  • HU-575249518

    Does anyone have pictures of Coretec Peruvian Walnut in their home? We are considering getting it and I would love to see how it looks in a room or two. Thanks!

  • benjesbride_misses_sophie

    nrbaileyvHow are you liking your Cortec Norwegian Maple? Can you please post a photo? I love the sample, but I've made regrettable flooring decisions in the past and I'm scared :-)

  • Zella

    Remodeled my kitchen and used Coretec Plus Ivory Coast Oak. I wanted flooring that would help brighten up the space and would be softer on my feet than ceramic tile, as I spend a lot of time standing while baking. I was so happy with the decision!

  • PRO

    Has anyone installed the Nares Oak? It is a new color and it jumped off the shelf at me when I saw it after searching high and low. It was exactly what I think I am looking for but would love to see some pics of floor installed in a room to get a better idea if this is "the one". It is a lighter color with hints of grey and brown. With several kids and pets in the house I think the color will hide the traffic better than others.

  • Shannon

    MovingWithMelissa I am looking at purchasing the Nares Oak as well, and have had no luck finding review pictures. I love it though and may purchase anyways. Did you end up picking it?

  • Roxanne Peterson

    I like the darker color of Coretec Pro Plus Biscayne Oak, has anyone installed that color to their liking?

  • Annette Sansone

    I had Biscayne Oak installed in kitchen 2 months ago. It looks just like walnut paneling on walls in adjacent room. I have a 50 lb dog who drools and is a messy drinker.

    During warmer weather I noticed dog paw prints on floor b/c dogs perspire thru foot pads. But it sure is a lot easier to care for than old vinyl floor. Some dog nail scuffs rubbed out w/floor cleaner on moistened cotton ball. I bought Zep neutral cleaner recommended by Coretec and like it very much. Salesman recommended putting felt pads under table/chair legs. Also put them under new range. I had an excellent installer and am delighted w/floor. It has a nice feel under foot and is quieter than old floor. Warmer than tile underfoot. Good luck with your decision! It took me two yrs to decide. I had looked at other matls, but wasn’t convinced they were a good choice. Glad I waited. It is a very nice floor.

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